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Celeste Vanilla Waltz Tea Loose Leaf 50g

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Celeste Vanilla Waltz Tea Loose Leaf 50g

This exquisite infusion is nothing short of a carnival of flavours, scents, colour, and wellness. Twirls of creamy aromatic vanilla sashay with the sugary succulence of rich strawberry; while vibrant yellow, orange marigold is caught up in a celebratory carousel with swirls of intense rose.

Abounding in antioxidants with the warmth of vanilla, this ambrosial cocktail tea serves as wonderful detox.

Direction for use:

Add 2.5 gms (half a tea spoon) of tea in 150 ml water (standard tea cup) at 80 to 90 Deg C (a little cooler than boiling-hot). Brew for 4 to 5 mins for a taste of heaven in every sip!

SKU: CG8575