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Sweet Karam Coffee Organic Bajra Laddu 130g

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Sweet Karam Coffee Organic Bajra Laddu 130g

White Sugar-Free | No Palm Oil | Zero Preservatives

Kambu (Pearl millet) Laddu

Pearl Millet Laddu is a healthy traditional way to consume this millet in a laddu form. The flavour is enhanced by adding roasted gram dal flour, cardamom and pure Ghee and sweetened with healthy Country Brown sugar.

Pearl millet is a fulfilling millet which keeps a check on cholesterol and also promotes heart health. It is highly recommended for diabetic patients. It aids in weight loss and is also beneficial in treating stomach ulcers. Overall, a pleasure & guilty-free laddu eating experience is for your grabs!

Kambu/Pearl millet flour, Fried Gram dal flour, Country Brown Sugar, Cashews, Ghee and Cardamom

How to use: Ready to eat

Shelf Life: 180 days

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place in an air-tight container

SKU: CG8529