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Switz Filo Pastry Sheets 450g

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The filo sheets can be used in making a variety of pastry-based dishes. These sheets are very thin and easy to use, just unroll the sheets from the pack and use them as and when required. Filo is renowned for its versatility, and for this reason, it has been adopted by numerous cuisines. It can be layered, filled, folded, rolled, and turned into cups, pies, flowers, or spirals. It is also notoriously difficult to make from scratch.

Switz brings to your filo dough sheets, made in Greece with the choicest ingredients by employing a proprietary process that takes away the trouble of making your own. Switz thin Filo dough can be used to make a wide variety of dishes, mostly famously baklava. We encourage you to give your imagination free rein and give your family many sweet surprises.

    SKU: CG7317