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The Select Aisle Sprinkles 125g

Rs. 125.00
125 g

Dazzling Sprinkles perfect to dress your cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and to fill your mouth with sweetness and face with a wide smile. Packed in easy to use and store Tube PET jars with sprinkler caps, in your convenient pack sizes of 125g, just for you! The final extravagant touch to your sumptuous creations and yummy treats, to bring a smile on your face and the one who devours it!

The Select Aisle's Pink Sprinkles are perfect to dress up your cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and other yummy baked goodies.

  • Rainbow Sprinkles (A customized blend of White, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink and Yellow Sprinkles)
  • Lovely Pink Sprinkles
  • Soothing Blue Sprinkles
  • Magnificent Red Sprinkles
  • Dazzling White Sprinkles
  • Attractive Orange Sprinkles
  • Bright Yellow Sprinkles
  • Lush Green Sprinkles
  • Royal Purple Sprinkles
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