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Agremy Berry & Bean Arabica Filter Coffee 250g

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Agremy Berry & Bean Arabica Filter Coffee 250g
Agremy, we practice agroforestry(natural-forest farming technique) at Kolli Hills. Here our arabica coffee is shade grown alongside with pepper, cardamom, lemongrass, jackfruit, and turmeric under the forest roof.

Berry & Bean is the most affordable AAA grade Coffee in the market.
Our coffee name, Berry & Bean, comes from berry, which is the fruit of a coffee plant, and bean, which is the seed inside.

We grow, we process, and we sell. So, from farm to cup there is total traceability.

Please note:
This is not instant coffee.
Instant coffee generally requires chemical processing. Since we value your health over
cravings we intend to bring to you coffee in its purest form possible.
No Chicory.
No Adulterants.
Just coffee that can be brewed to your liking

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