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Celeste Black Tea Serendipity Brew Box 12N 190g

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Celeste Black Tea Serendipity Brew Box 12pcs 190g

This tea is a unique experiment in flavour. Individually strong ingredients lose their distinct tastes to amalgamate into a rich, new balanced tea.

The wellness root ginger’s pungent spicy warmth blends beautifully with the sweet and sour tartness of the superfood, Goji berry. Creamy, sweet vanilla merges with the astringent freshness of peppermint to give a tangy-sweet tea.

Direction For Use:

Add 1 brew pocket in 150 ml water (Standard tea cup) at 90 deg C to 95 deg C (a little cooler than boiling-hot). Brew for 4-5 min and take the pocket out. Enjoy the taste of heaven in every sip!

SKU: CG8579