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Celeste Green Tea Orange Escape Loose Leaf 50g

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Celeste Green Tea Orange Escape Loose Leaf 50g

Life would be truly boring without holidays. Just like a breath of fresh air, a bracing change, ORANGE ESCAPE is an oft-awaited welcome vacation. Let your wayfaring spirit take over, and your senses wander into deliciously warm orange orchards dappled with summer sunshine.

Set sail to discover its flawless balance with the sugary coldness of mint. And enjoy every eddy of zesty citrus with the spicy warmth of star anise. Let your spirit explore the unknown with every sip.

Direction for use:

Add 2.5 gms (half a teaspoon) of tea in 150 ml water (standard tea cup) at 75 to 80 Deg C (a little cooler than boiling hot). Brew for 3 to 4 mins for a taste of heaven in every sip!

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