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3 Sister Strawberry Non Alcoholic Beer 330ml

Rs. 99.00

3 Sister Non Alcoholic Strawberry 330ml

  • 0% ALCOHOL, 100% FUN - Skip the alcohol, not the happy times. Enjoy any occasion with a 3Sisters Non alcoholic Strawberry Beer.
  • UNLOCK THE FRESHNESS OF STRAWBERRIES - Each sip of our non-alcoholic beer gives the refreshing taste of strawberries. Next time you’re craving something tasty, treat yourself to a cold one.
  • Our beers (non alcoholic beverages) have 30% less sugar and 50% less calories than a regular beer. This makes it perfect for when you want to enjoy the drink, without missing out on your fitness goals.

Made from the freshest strawberries, all natural fruit juices and additives, and our innovative 0% alcohol retentive brewing process. We’re confident that with 3Sisters’ Strawberry non-alcoholic beer, you’ll love drinking this as much as we love making it! Our non alcoholic Strawberry beer was born when our master brewers sat to create the perfect blend for Valentine's Day! After a whole lot of debate, they settled in on the perfect lovers’ drink. Every pint of 3Sisters Strawberry Non-alcoholic beverage has the freshest barley malt, hops, and strawberries. Designed to put you in the mood for romance, or at the very least, make you fall in love all over again.

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