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3 Sisters Non Alcoholic Kiwi Mint Beer 330ml

Rs. 99.00

3 Sisters Non Alcoholic Kiwi Mint Beer 330ml

  • TASTE THE FRESHNESS OF KIWI & MINT - Each sip of our non-alcoholic beer gives the refreshing flavour of kiwis and mint. Next time you’re craving something tasty and energizing, treat yourself to a cold one.
  • 0% ALCOHOL, 100% FUN - Skip the alcohol, not the happy times. Enjoy any occasion with a 3Sisters Non alcoholic Kiwi Mint Beer.
  • DRINK & DRIVE, GUILT-FREE - At 0% alcohol, our non-alcoholic beverages are the perfect companion for a long road-trip. Turn up the music and enjoy a cold one.
  • PERFECT FOR SOCIAL DRINKING - Enjoy the party without the worry of a hangover. From the poolside to the Sunday brunches, 3Sisters Kiwi Mint Non alcoholic Beer refreshes like nothing else.
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