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Chutnefy Coriander Chutney 30g

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Chutnefy Coriander Chutney 30g

One amongst the Chutney trinity and a forever favourite, the Chutnefy Coriander Chutney brings to you that classic flavour that goes perfectly with your crisp Dosai & Vadai & Adai, or soft and fluffy idli - actually, with anything you'd like a mild and flavourful accompaniment for!

Bring the taste of South India to your table with our homemade coriander chutney, ready in just 5 seconds! Made with fresh coriander leaves, mint leaves, green chillies and a blend of traditional South Indian spices, this tangy and flavourful chutney is perfect for adding a touch of flavour to your idlis, dosas, and other South Indian snacks.


SKU: CG8044