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Chutnefy Mint Chutney 30g

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Chutnefy Mint Chutney 30g

You've probably tried a lot of Green Chutneys, but you've tried none like this! The Chutnefy North-Indian style Mint Chutney packs a delicious fresh taste and is the perfect staple companion to give an authentic finishing touch to your favourite foods, no matter where it's from. Goes great with Bhajias, Pakoras, Samosas, Sandwiches, Chaat and other Indian snacks - but go ahead, get creative!

Spice up your meals with our homestyle Hari Chutney (Green Chutney), ready in just 5 seconds! Made with fresh mint, cilantro, green chillies, and a blend of traditional spices, this tangy and flavourful chutney is perfect for adding a touch of flavour to your samosas, chaat, sandwiches and other Indian snacks.

Per 30g Serving (Approx.):
• Calories 99 kCal
• Total Fat 0.9g
• Saturated Fat 00.2g
• Trans Fat 0g
• Sodium 4g
• Total Carbohydrates 20g
• Total Sugars 10g
• Added Sugars 6g
• Protein 3g

SKU: CG8046