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Sweet Karam Coffee Organic Thooyamalli Rice Spicy Murukku 75g

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Sweet Karam Coffee Organic Thooyamalli Rice Spicy Murukku 75g

Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil | No Palm Oil | Zero Preservatives

Thooyamalli (Jasmine pearl rice) Kara Murukku

Thooyamalli is a traditional rice variety & gets its name as it resembles the pure jasmine bud (Thooyamalli) while flowering. This is fine-quality white rice which can be used for daily consumption.

Thanks to the awareness given by some great people and organic farmers about the health benefits of the traditional rice varieties of Tamil Nadu.

we are presenting to you a nutritive snack made of this rice flour which strengthens the nervous system and internal organs apart from giving your skin a good glow. The best part is that it is fried in cold-pressed Groundnut oil that fits a health-conscious snacker’s routine.

Ingredients: Thooyamalli raw rice flour, Urad dal flour, Chilly powder, Sesame seeds, Cold pressed Groundnut oil, Salt

Shelf Life: 180 days

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place in an air-tight container

SKU: CG8524